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An aching foot’s best friend!


Happy New Year! To promote the idea of new beginnings, I am proud to say that I now offer a new service to my patients that may have biomechanical abnormalities.  It has helped me in my quest to become a better practitioner and a better student of the foot and ankle.

Matscan is a pressure sensor system by Tekscan that analyzes the feet in motion.  By capturing and saving this data, I can “slow down” the gait analysis and see what the patient does during each phase of gait (heel strike, foot flat and heel off).  It has heightened my senses in gait analysis and has allowed me to make observations that has taken me weeks to discover previously.   For example, the system can pick up on limb length discrepancies and a stiff big toe joint on a patient with plantar fasciitis.  These biomechanical deficiencies are most likely the primary cause of the plantar fasciitis.  So if I can treat the patient according to his or her biomechanical deficiencies, I can resolve the plantar fasciitis. 

I also find it to be a great learning tool for the patient and it can properly put his or her condition into perspective pretty quickly. 

I use the Matscan on all my patients that suffer from musculoskeletal injuries of the foot and ankle, and I think it should be a vital part of any biomechanically-oriented foot and ankle practice. 

To see an informative video about the usefulness of pressure sensor system, please go to my website:

I hope your 2010 is fit and prosperous, and I hope I can be a part in helping you achieve that!

Happiness and good health!

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  1. Brilliant Post! Our Podiatry Clinic has recently invested in Pressure Plates which we use alongside the Gait Analysis. I agree with you, they are a great learning tool for the patients as well as ourselves.

    Comment by ProGait | January 13, 2010 | Reply

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