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New beginnings!

I am proud to say that I have officially launched a new company, Fitness & Nutrition Management Consulting, LLC.  It is built out of my wish to do more for people than just provide care for injuries (and get paid for it, according to the present system).  As you can probably tell from my blog site, I strongly believe in preventive care and the benefits that a healthy lifestyle will bring an individual, a community and a nation.

The company will provide nutritional consulting services to clients for a four-month period with biweekly meetings.  The goal of the company is to “reprogram” the client into what constitutes healthy eating and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of nutritious habits. No challenging diets to follow, just simple sensible guidelines. I hope I can be a positive force in the prevention of such preventable diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

The second service the company provides will be fitness programs; from the young to the old. From the client that has PAD (peripheral arterial disease) to the client that is a high school football player.  These programs can be done anywhere, including  under the direct supervision of myself.  Unfortunately, my facility is quite limited, so there is only several things that can be done safely in-house.  With my love of track and field (sprinting especially), track and field training programs can be done with personal coaching or from afar.

I am excited about this new company and its possible future expansion into various minority and elderly communities. Programs and services such as these have to be a vital part of any cost-cutting healthcare discussion.

Happiness and good health!

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