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The real solution to the “healthcare crisis”


I might be opening a can of worms with this topic, but here we go……..

As a physician who will be affected by the healthcare changes  in the upcoming years (and at this point, who knows what they will be), I have taken an interest in the various ideas about restructuring health care in the U.S.  This issue is inextricably linked to the culture and character of America. 

The truth of the matter is that Americans strongly believes in choice, the free enterprise system, and of course, the “American Dream” (becoming successful through hard work and dedication).  This is why any system that forces people to equalize their healthcare coverage will be strongly resisted.  It removes the freedom of choice of health care coverage from the individual.  Also several reports that suggest that taxing the rich would be good way to give health care coverage to the poor also flies in the face of the “American Dream”.  It sounded good in Robin Hood, but not in real life.  Insurance companies also benefit from the free enterprise system, because they can set coverage and reimbursement rates according to schedules that generate profits for the companies.  In case you didn’t realize, reimbursement rates for physicians have decreased or remained the same in the past twenty years, despite everything else getting more expensive.

These strong beliefs of Americans also can be seen as a major factor in creating this “healthcare crisis”.  Our excess comsumption of items, because “we have the money to do so” and “because it is there”.   It definitely makes things easier in certain ways, but also makes us more unhealthy.  The elevator allows us to avoid the stairs.  The fast food restaurants (with excessive calories and unhealthy “additives”) allow us to eat quickly and “on the go”, instead of preparing a home cooked nutritious meal.  The car has allowed us to go five blocks to go the store to pick up some groceries, instead of walking. 

All these examples and more lead to the chronic diseases we see today, such as hypertension, diabetes, and the like.  We would have a lot less visits to the doctor’s office, if we committed ourselves to a healthier lifestyle. 


That is why I try to communicate PREVENTION  for my patients, through many different facets, such as nutrition, stretching, and physical fitness.  I am selling several nutritional products on my website ( by the company Emugenix, and I will be launching a personalized nutrition program that radically changes your eating habits and keeps them that way,  in the next month or two.  I am still working on my e-book on stretching which should be available by the end of the year. Furthermore, I am working on developing some conditioning camps for the fall of this year.  I believe a doctor should do more than just treat the injury, we should direct the patient how to prevent them. 

Happiness and good health!

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