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Restoring Proper Body Alignment and Function

Potential injury waiting to happen....


  In my never-ending search in trying to help my patients, I have long thought about how to make my patients better long-term.  I have had some success in treating patients’ injuries and getting them functional again.  But what I can do in the office is only a small fraction of what patients goes through during a day or even a lifetime.  Patients are forced to wear shoegear with a heel lift, shortening the calf muscles and possibly leading to lower back pain.  Patients have to sit down for long hours at the job, causing tightness of the hip flexor muscles.

     To combat these external influences, I have a designed a protocol that helps restore proper body alignment and function.  If it used daily, it should help with prevention of overuse injuries due to faulty mechanics of the body.  Of course, each individual is unique and may require additional treatment, but I feel this to be an adequate starting point.

     If you are interested in this protocol, email me at: and I will send you a copy.  I plan to make a YouTube video of it soon, along with some other things.

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