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Interview with Dr. Thomas Lam

Dr. Thomas Lam

Dr. Thomas Lam

I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Thomas Lam recently, the President, Director of Athletic Development and Chiropractor of FITS (Functional Innovative Therapeutic) Toronto.  This facility uses sports science knowledge to help create a better individual, free from injury.  This preventive and proactive approach definitely appealed to me, and we had a wide-ranging conversation, lasting about ninety minutes.  Below is the main points from this conversation:

FITS Toronto was established in 2007 by Dr. Lam.  The basic philosophy is “movement based healthcare”, where proper movement principles will lead to increased sports performance.  They have strength and conditioning specialists, a chiropractor and a massage therapist on staff.  They have the privilege of working primarily with basketball players and volleyball players from high school, college and professional levels.

Proper movement is important in everyday activities.  If you can master proper movement, you can not only prevent injuries, but help overall well-being.

Proper movement can be achieved first, through proper assessment (i.e., overhead squat–looking at the positioning of the knee, trunk, spine and scapula), and then by motor skill training to correct the movement.  No one can develop or increase power output until these movements are corrected.

They have developed a specialized program to prevent and treat jumper’s knee, as it is so common in basketball players.  The top five methods they have identified to prevent jumper’s knee include: complete knee control, leg flexibility/mobility, appropriate practice, game and training exposure, jumping and landing mechanics and system stability. (

They have started doing some dynamic activities barefoot with some of their athletes, and have seen an increase in explosive ability. They are in the process of deciding on designing a protocol, which would make this enhance athletic success.

The work at FITS Toronto not only applies to athletes, but applies to everyone.  Everyone can benefit from “movement based healthcare”.  To learn more about Dr. Lam and his great work in Toronto, check out his website at:

Health and happiness!

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