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Lift for Flexibility!

Staying healthy by lifting

As you probably have read some of my previous blogs and twitter posts extolling the virtues of resistance training, i.e., dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, etc.. But one more advantage of a good resistance training program would be its ability to increase flexibility.  I have found this out personally throughout my years of weight training when I feel much more loose and flexible after a weightroom workout.  Various studies have shown this, especially in nonathletic, middle-aged individuals (Monteiro et al., 2008, Santos et al, 2010).

Keep in mind in order for this flexibility to be achieved, the resistance exercises should be performed in the full range of motion, and there should be a hindrance to the full range.  Both requirements should be able to be assessed by a good personal trainer/strength coach and sent to the appropriate health professional if full range of motion can not be achieved.

Full range of motion?

I have recently started to prescribe more robust exercise routines for my patient for a dual purpose of strengthening and gaining flexibility.  I still prescribe stretching protocols as I also do them personally, but I feel resistance training gives busy patients a bigger “bang for their buck”!

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Health and happiness!

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