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As I look for ways to help reduce health care costs, I have looked at things such as nutrition and exercise.  It is all fine and good to say, “Eat better”, and “Exercise more”, but the questions really should be, “What types of food?” and “What type of exercise?”  Since I am not a nutritionist, I will not delve into that subject of food, but I have a more in-depth perspective of exercise.  The more I think about how I train athletes, the more I realize that the entire population can benefit from the same exercise too!

The athletes I currently train are trying to achieve a goal, i.e., to run a certain distance as far as possible.  How is that achieved?  By working on their speed, strength, power ( a combination of speed and strength) and coordination/balance.  I could argue that anyone can be defined as an athlete, because they too  are trying to achieve a goal, i.e., walk downstairs, open a can, climb a ladder.  All tasks require a degree of speed, strength, power and coordination. So it behooves everyone to try to maximize these skills for daily lives. 

The question still remains, “What type of exercise?” My answer would be one that promotes speed, strength, power and coordination, that is resistance training.  Resistance training does not necessarily mean only lifting heavy barbells, but includes dumbbells, elastic bands, such as Rubberbanditz, and medicine balls, anything that provides resistance to normal motion.  Of course, this is not the only exercise, but things like core exercises and jogging/walking should be seen as RECOVERY from resistance training.  Resistance training should always be primary in anyone’s bid to maximize their natural abilities (especially with our muscle-weakening desk jobs and shoegear wear) and prevent injuries.


Athletes have been training this way for decades; it only makes sense for everyone to share in this knowledge to become fitter and healthier human beings.  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions as I continue to expand this concept in upcoming blogs.

Health and happiness!


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  1. I am really getting into the nutrition side of things lately. I just read “The UltraMind Solution”. If you haven’t already, check it out. There are some great incites in that book on how certain deficiencies can actually lead to less energy and overall health.

    Comment by Paul S | December 15, 2010 | Reply

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