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The Forgotten Foot

   high arched foot  Everyone knows about flat feet.  Television advertisements talk about insoles that provide arch support for these feet.  Shoe companies spend millions of dollars creating “motion control” shoegear to help with the flattening of the arch during walking and running.  Most patients I see that have flat feet have previously tried one or both of these as treatments with at least some positive results.  But what about the people at the opposite end of the spectrum-the high arched foot?  These people, I contend, are much more difficult to treat, and usually have little idea of what to do for self-treatment.

     In stark contrast to flat feet, the high arched foot places little or no pressure upon the arch with standing, walking or running.  The majority of the pressure is on the ball of the foot, the heel and to a lesser extent, the outside of the foot.  This foot is much more prone to such things as ankle sprains, ball of the foot inflammation (capsulitis), heel pain and stress fractures.

     Treatment of the high arched foot is difficult, becuase this type of foot is usually stiff in nature, as opposed to the flat foot which is rather loose and flexible.  There is no method of controlling the foot, the best way is to ACCOMODATE it.  Accomodations include wearing more cushioning shoegear, and insole or orthotic modifications that fill in the arch and move the pressure of the high arched foot towards the inside of the foot.  In more severe cases of pain related to the high arched foot, stabilization measures are required, such as an ankle brace or a walking boot.

     Hopefully this makes sense to you sufferers due to high arched feet.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

     Happiness and good health!

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